My Engagement Photos

So at this point in my life i was very stressed. We were planning my wedding in less than three months. Yes, you can call us crazy. So we had very little time. I decided since I had a camera I would just have my sister take the pictures and I would edit them later. Probably not the best idea. I’m still grateful that my sister helped us and she did a wonderful job for never really trying photography before. We did them up in the mountains and at an old coke plant. While we were getting ourselves lost in the mountains we ran into one of natures finest.. A skunk. All I remember is my sister saying the word skunk and I booked it out of the trees faster than a little baby cheetah. Than we went to the coke plant and it’s a great location but we had a visitor.. A snake. I don’t like snakes my sister on the other hand is fearless. So she was playing with and I was freaking out. Needles to say it was an interesting day. Than I totally made it worse I got those pictures home and edited them beyond recognition… I could have probably used less filters… And yeah it was just not good. I had just had my camera for a very short amount of time at that point and I was not very good at anything. I saved the files wrong so when we got the invitations they were pixilated and I almost cried. Actually I probably cried. How embarrassing. Luckily, i did gain something from that. I learned from my mistakes. That is so important. I’m so glad I learned how to fix that when it was my pictures. I can’t stress to you how important it is to have a photographer that knows what they are doing. I am happy to have the confidence to tell you that now I know what I am doing. Yes, I am Always learning but I can provide you with quality pictures now because of what I learned then. This post is kind of embarrassing but I want everyone to know that even if you mess up keep going! Learn from your mistakes. Yes I was mad that I screwed up my pictures but I’m so glad I learned from that so that I can create beautiful pictures for my clients.


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